Trademark Notice



Trademarks are ever-changing.

Purchasing/using an MNC Design does not prevent a buyer/member from being responsible for checking

trademarks prior to using one of our designs commercially.


We try very hard to make sure what is being offered has not been trademarked, but during the course of a design being released, things can change quickly.


It is recommended that trademarks be checked every 2-3 months.

Here is a recommended website to use:


If a design is found to be trademarked after being released, we remove it from our website(s), and we highly recommend a buyer/member no longer use the design commercially.


Buyer assumes all responsibility when purchasing/using a Fireflys Studio dba Michelle and Company design,

and uses said design at his/her own risk.


Fireflys Studio dba Michelle and Company, and/or its subsidiaries, is not responsible for any damage a buyer/user may incur, monetary or otherwise, for using a design purchased from MNC that ends up becoming trademarked.


By purchasing, and using a design, Buyer/Member assumes all risk and responsibility and acknowledges he/she has read this notice in its entirety, understands the notice, and has had ample time to contact MNC with any questions prior to purchasing and/or using a Fireflys Studio dba Michelle and Company design.

Effective Immediately: 05/29/2022