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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to sell digital items using the graphics?

Yes! Our commercial-use license is easy-peasy AND included in the price of your membership! No credit is required either. You may not sell the graphics "as-is," but you are allowed to incorporate them, with other design elements, into a new design. 

Am I allowed to re-sell the graphics individually?

No. The graphics must be combined into a new design, using your own creativity.  They may not be sold "as-is," nor as part of a clipart set, nor shared or given away as freebies. 

May I share my Backstage Pass Membership with others?

As much as we believe in sharing, in this case the answer is "NO."  Access to the graphics are for paid members only and it is a single-user license. Violaters will have their access revoked, will not be refunded, and will not be able to regain access in the future. We CLOSELY monitor our Memberships.

Thank YOU for honoring our no-share policy!

What type of graphics will be behind the new doors every month?

Members can expect to have access to a melting pot of graphics each month such as, digital papers, digital elements, alphas, social media graphics and more! At this time, our graphics will be in 72 or 300 dpi high resolution PNG or JPG format, depending on the design use and unless otherwise noted.


Who knows what will be waiting for you behind each new door? But, they will be a great mixture and help grow your flourishing business!

What type of individual and/or business was Backstage Pass created for?

Anyone who uses digital graphics in his/her business, or hobby, will find a Backstage Pass Membership extremely beneficial! 

For example, businesses that make and/or sell the following:

social media templates, sublimation designs, t-shirts/mugs/hats, scrapbook pages, hobbyists, website design, logo designs, and the list goes on!

May I cancel at any time?

We know, we know - what a silly question, right?! You're thinking, WHY would anyone want to cancel their Backstage Pass? However, on the rare occasion one should decide, the answer is "Yes." You may cancel at any time, however we do not offer refunds, so be sure and cancel before the next billing cycle.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital, download nature of our products we do not offer refunds. 

Sublimation Color


The colors you see on your screen will never match the colors in your prints exactly. This is because the colors on screens are generated by combinations of three colors: red, green and blue (RGB). Conversely, digital printers use anywhere from four to eight ink colors to reproduce the image from your screen. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is the standard for four-color digital printing.

Computer monitors emit color as RGB light. Although all colors of the visible spectrum can be produced by merging red, green and blue light, monitors can display only a limited gamut (range of color) of the visible spectrum.

Printed products absorb or reflect specific wavelengths of light, unlike a screen that emits light. Cyan, magenta and yellow pigments or dyes serve as filters, subtracting varying degrees of red, green and blue from white light to produce a selective gamut of spectral colors.

As you can see, there is marked difference in how both types of color generation work. One is additive; the other is subtractive. In digital product decoration, you design in an additive environment (RGB), and then the printer and software has to convert those colors to work in a subtractive environment (CMYK).