Backstage Pass Members enjoy high quality, commercial use graphics.

What does commercial use  mean?

Members may *sell the designs they create with our graphics!
(*some rules/restrictions do apply).

A Sneak Peek Inside...

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What's Included  Should I Join?

Members gain instant access to hundreds of commercial use graphics, including inside the Michelle & Company Vault!

PLUS, by the 14th of each month, Pass Members receive access to another door of new graphics.

That's right, as long as you remain a member you will receive restricted access to new graphics.

What May I Do With The Graphics?

Pass Members may create designs using the graphics, and sell them on physical products

AND digitally. 

Now, that doesn't mean Members may resell our graphics "As-Is," you do have to put your own creative juices to work and fabricate actual designs by combining graphics together, to make a completely new design. 


NOTE: Trademarks are ever-changing. It is the responsibility of all members, to check trademarks every 2-3 months to make sure a previously released design phrase has not went under trademark. If it is found to have went under trademark, it is the responsibility of the Member to discontinue using that design containing the phrase, and we ask that you please report it to us so we may remove it from our site, if you find it before we do.

What Are Some Other Benefits Of Membership?

Backstage Pass Members enjoy not having to pay those additional commercial-use  license fees, others charge, as well as the overall savings they experience. 

Most graphics sell for $5 each, plus a commercial license fee. 

We eliminate those extra fees - Our Membership is cost-saving!

The graphics are high-quality, fun, and easily coordinate together to help take the "guess work" out of designing.

No matter what your niche is, there is something for everyone in our graphic releases!

Plus, Michelle is open to hearing your feedback on what you love, and would like to see more of!

She is always honing her skills, and Members are the ones who benefit the most!

The Backstage Pass offers two passes - a 6 Month Pass or a 12 Month Pass. Each are one-time payments. The pass will expire at the end of the term and will have to be renewed to continue remaining a member.

There are no refunds, returns, pro-rations nor exchanges on the Backstage Pass, because of the instant access to our plethora of graphics.


Another Sneak Peek Inside...