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Hi ya'll! 

I am Michelle of "Michelle & Company"

I am so excited to be on this creative journey with you.

I know how it is to be on the "struggle bus" trying to build a business on a budget. Trying to walk into that dream you hold in your heart, and sometimes being one of the few who believes in it, but you just can't let it go.

All my ups and downs, trials and errors, have led me to who I am today. My business grew, changed and became this beautiful resting place for people, who were just like me, and needed guidance, inspiration, encouragement and a way to flourish.

I'm so happy I found you!

Here you will find creative courses, unique commercial-free graphics, and inspirational highlights to light the way for your business and for YOU!

Be sure and share with your friends that this is the place to come, so they can grow and thrive, too.

Together we can build a strong community of support for other creatives,

just like us!